Should my child continue with Occupational Therapy over the summer?

As the weather turns, so too do parents’ thoughts about summer plans. Come spring, our clients ask us for advice; should their child take the summer off or continue with therapy?

father and daughter on a slide

Therapy during the summer gives families more time

As much as we focus on our little clients, parents are our clients too. The best part of summer therapy is that parents have more time. In our clinic we find that less school plus more sun equals more engaged families – that’s math I understand! As always, we let best practice be our guide, and research has shown that parents who are involved and engaged in their child’s therapy has a positive influence on outcomes.

In the summer, take your OT session outside

While we are lucky to have one of the few sensory-motor gyms in our city, it’s a treat for all to take therapy outdoors. Did you know the local park and playground are an excellent treatment space? Our therapists spend many summer hours teaching parents how to use outdoor play  as a therapeutic intervention for their children.

A successful summer OT session should feel a bit like the summer break itself. Fun, informative, room to breathe and be silly and a shift from the day to day norm. Please contact us if you’d like more information  on how to continue your child’s therapy throughout the summer.