Should I send my child with a sensory or speech problem to summer camp?

As a parent, an Occupational Therapist and a business owner who works exclusively with children, I am a firm believer in the value of summer camps for all children. Traits such as resiliency, growing social skills and engagement in physical activity have been proven to develop at summer camp.

Three Happy Children in Summer

Summer camps are a safe space for kids

Full disclosure – we are a summer camp family. My siblings and I grew up attending camp, and it has become a high priority for my own children. I went on to participate in my camp’s Counsellor in Training program and was on staff for many years and this summer, my 16 year old son is about to do the same. My daughter calls camp “my safe place” and “the place I can be most myself.” Is it any surprise that after I expanded my clinic, one of my biggest passion projects was to build our own summer camp?

OT and SLP skills at summer camp

Occupational Therapists and Speech-Language Pathologists work diligently with children throughout the school year. Increasing a child’s ability to attend and focus (away from screens!), learning how to think about others, language development and improving fine and gross motor skills are examples of our goals in our 1:1 therapy sessions with children and families. Summer camp is a great way to continue to offer these areas of focus, with the added value of practicing these skills in a social setting. That’s real life function!

Summer camps can be invaluable experiences for our kids in this age of technology and busy parents. Camps that offer opportunities for children to work on language development, fine ad gross motor skills and focus provide children carry over therapy goals throughout a long summer away from school and provide a head start for the coming school year. Join us this summer!